I heard a loud scream and I was hit on the head with something huge. I blacked out.

lost in the vast self

The planes and plateaus of incoherent and indecipherable flashes of memory lure me away from sanity while the tumultuous noise and static that become my own voice drown
me in their crushing debris.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (A Play)

Cast One woman plays the role of a toddler, a schoolgirl, a teenager, a wife, a mother, an old woman and all other characters. ***** There are two levels on the stage connected by a flight of stairs. The staircase extends from the left side to the right side of the stage. At regular intervals…


i was hit: once, twice, many times each day
my body covered in welts and gashes


a solitary rose petal on the river is his tongue in me

societal baggage

clipped nails on the tile loaded with superstitions infects her young mind

The Room

The yellow lights of the deluxe room set ablaze my longing for you. Slowly treading the ivory shaded tiles on the floor, I wished for your feet to emulate my steps. But your feet, along with your body were somewhere far away. As the cold, hard floor began to force icy waves up my soles,…

Tired of Social Media Bashing in the World?Me Too.

From very subtle things like posting bitchy messages in WhatsApp statuses for ‘that one special person’ to vocal, explicit internet-shaming, the people occupying today’s world have definitely performed or been the recipients of social media bashing.


a dollop of butter, I spread on her skin and traced my fingers along her buttered chest her body lured me with its delicious smell and I found my lips lingering on her smooth shoulders She was curvy and appealing I felt wetness spread in my mouth she never tasted so good before maybe because…